About Renee

 I'm a Virginia based, Fine Art wedding photographer who loves to travel (especially for amazing wedding clients). 
I've got a serious obsession with Thai and Indian food, and my unrefined palette really loves some Chick-fil-a as well.  I fell in love with the world of fashion, editorial photography and quickly found the beauty in combining elegant high fashion with a wedding day.
 There's just something about getting to witness soul mates beginning the rest of their lives together and delivering beautiful images that will be treasured forever. 

Getting married? Love food and traveling? 

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My Favorite Things

i. Traveling.. Italy, Paris,Scotland anywhere that has deep, old world history
ii. Rainy days, sitting by the window with a good novel
iii. Good Food and Company. Spending Sunday afternoons with friends and family sharing a meal
iv. Adventuring with my couples to gorgeous places all over the globe
v. Old world, European architecture and the intricacy of structural design