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dc wedding photographer
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Being a Virginia and DC wedding photographer takes up a large portion of my life, but the most important thing in my life is my family. I haven’t formally introduced myself in a while! Hi! I am Renee Weyant, a portrait and wedding photographer based in Virginia, but serving the entire east coast and destinations! Believe me when I say, I love to travel and would love to join you at your destination wedding.

Photo Credit: Jo Photos

I’m married to a sailor named Chapin and we have two gorgeous kiddos, Elias, 5, and Liora, almost 4. Our family is all over, including Chicago, Illinois, Tennessee, Georgia, and Pennsylvania! We are currently in Virginia and plan on being here for a while.
dc wedding photographer
Elias started kindergarten last week and boy was I a mess. Seriously, my kindergarten moms… how are you holding up?! I feel for you. It’s such a big step. He’s doing amazing and loves it, but my mama heart has been a little anxious. Liora started preschool, but she’s so independent and goes to an amazing school so it was an easier transition!

I am in the midst of a very busy wedding season and loving it. I will be doing some traveling over the next few months for out of town weddings, but then, I get to travel for fun (again– I just got back from NYC with my best friend). This coming March, I am taking my parents and heading to Italy for 10 days! If you’ve been or are from Italy, feel free to send any tips and recommendations my way.

So, for now, we are in a busy season of life, but so very blessed by my little business being successful (thank you to all my amazing clients!). We have healthy littles, lots of goals, and a fantastic extended family.

Photo Credit: Jo Photos

I can’t wait to meet some more of you and continue to grow and expand this business of mine!

For now, my warmest,


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