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One of the most important things to set you a part from your competition is attention to detail– this ranges from the experience you give to your brides to the final galleries and products you offer, as well as styling wedding details that are aesthetically pleasing. Consumers want to receive value for their money; therefor, if they see that the value far outweighs the cost, they will be more likely to want to work with you. You should always over deliver. So, part of that is being very detail oriented on their wedding day. A lot of time and resources goes into planning a dream wedding. Your client will want all of that documented. Your galleries should tell a story. So, I have compiled some tips to help you style wedding details in neat, beautiful images that add to the story of your client’s day.

Styling Wedding Details | Tip 1

As you know, wedding days are very fast paced. So, my first tip is to ask your bride to place all of her small details in a box and to have them ready for you. I typically arrive when the bride is getting her makeup done and start on the detail images. When they are all in one place, it’s so much easier to just grab that box and go to a quiet spot to work!

Styling wedding details

So, what should you suggest your bride puts in the box?
-Rings (engagement, wedding band, and grooms band)
– Invitation Suite
-Any additional jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, hair jewelry…)
-The Garter, something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue
-Any notes or vow books or special items that are unique to their relationship
-Loose florals from their florist (I always ask this because incorporating some of their wedding colors and greenery is always a great way to tie their details into their color palette!
Details that won’t fit into the box, but that you are definitely going to want to have
-Wedding dress
-Wedding shoes
-Brides Bouquet

Tip 2: Even Lighting for wedding details

Find good light. I find it useful to bring a reflector, or an even more cost effective option is to bring a white poster foam board. You’ll want to find a window with lots of natural light coming in– don’t put in in direct sun, but find some even, natural lighting. It helps if you find a neutral colored wall under a window!

Tip 3: Find unique pairings

I like to incorporate a chair to really make my details stand out. Find a pretty chair, use the veil and florals– this gives a very editorial feel to the image. I also will put the florals on a chair next to the dress! If they have special wine or champagne glasses, you can also photograph those with the florals on the chair!

Tip 4: Get a flat lay board

One of the obstacles I used to run into was that there wasn’t a good surface to put the details on. So, you can either buy a flat lay styling mat (Here) or, you can make your own– Simply get a canvas thats stretched onto a wooden frame (remember to get it large enough to fit the details), and some fabric of your choice. Wrap the fabric around the canvas, pull it tightly, then staple it to the wooden frame!

Let me know how you ended up styling wedding details in your work! Did theses tips work for you?

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