What To Wear For Engagement Photos | A Photographer’s Guide

what to wear for engagement photos

Photographer’s Guide On What To Wear For Engagement Photos

One of the first things my couple’s ask me after booking me for their wedding is what to wear for engagement photos. These images are the ones you post and use to let family and friends know you are tying the knot and entering that next HUGE phase of your lives. So, what you wear is pretty important! It can also really change how the images look. So, I’ve put together this guide on what to wear so you look your absolute best and get the most out of your engagement session.

what to wear for engagement photos

For your session, you are going to want a couple different outfits! I usually suggest three outfits for my girls, and 2 for the guys. Wait, what? Let me explain! To get a well rounded engagement session for the girls, you are going to want a casual outfit, a short, cocktail style dress , and a more formal dress. That way you get an array of looks! For the guys, a casual outfit, and a suit. The suit without the jacket can be worn for the short dress, then with the jacket for when the girl wears her long dress.

Engagement Session Location Matters

Another key factor that comes into play is where your engagement session is taking place. That will play an important role on your outfit choices! You want to coordinate with the aesthetic of the location. So, for example, at a beach session I would recommend flowy dresses with lots of movement. Also, maybe consider a swimsuit with a sun hat if you want to get in the water! Another example would be an estate or garden– you can go more formal with your attire in locations like this!

What to wear for engagement photos

Engagement Outfits for Women

Going more in depth for my ladies– I always recommend finding your outfits first. It’s much easier for your guy to coordinate to you than vice versa. Always try on your outfits beforehand and make sure you feel your best! If you feel uncomfortable in your clothes, it will definitely show in the images. So, make sure you feel good and confident in your clothing choices. Some of my favorite engagement session stores to shop at are Lulus, Nordstrom, Vici Collection, Baltic Born, Jcrew, and it’s always a great idea to check out your local boutiques! Don’t be afraid to accessorize with some jewelry if that’s your vibe too.

Engagement Outfits for Men

Onto the guys! Guys are pretty simple generally. I recommend a casual outfit, then a suit. The casual outfit should be the same level of casual as your future bride’s casual out. Dressier shorts and a button down are a great way to go and it matches with almost everything! Then, a suit with or without the jacket depending on the girl’s outfits works great with more coordinating with more formal attire! Some of my favorite guys shops are Banana Republic, Neiman Marcus, and Nordstrom!

what to wear for engagement photos

Coordinate, But Don’t Completely Match

Let’s talk patterns and coordinating! Patterns are perfectly fine as long as they aren’t too busy and distracting. If one person is wearing a pattern, it’s best to go neutral solids on the other person’s outfits. You are going to want your outfits to coordinate, but not match too much (i.e. girl wears a light pink flowy dress and guy wears a white shirt and navy blue pants– instead of both wearing white shirts and blue pants). The only patterns I recommend avoiding are stripes. This is because it causes a Moire effect in photos and can look distorted!

What to wear for engagement photos

Engagement Session Footwear

Last, but definitely not least, shoes! We tend to walk around a bit during engagement sessions, so you want to be comfortable. If the shoes you love for photos aren’t comfy enough to do a bit of walking in, please bring so easy, slide on shoes to wear in between! Your shoes will be in the photos, so make sure they coordinate with your outfits. Heels are a great option and dressier shoes for guys tend to photograph better!

I hope this photographers guide on what to wear for engagement photos was helpful, but in case you need a few more examples, check out my pinterest for more ideas. Also, check out more engagement sessions and weddings back on our main blog page!

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