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Maymont Park Engagement Session | Chris & Emily

Maymont Park Engagement Session
I never thought I would type these words, but I met this gorgeous couple on Tiktok of all places. I started my tiktok account as a way to share my work with more people and I’m so thankful! One of the many people I have grown to love watching on tiktok was “Uncle Chris,” who is uncle to the Yeet Baby, Marleigh. Marleigh and Chris has captured the hearts of people all over the world through their videos together. I originally reached out to Chris to do a photoshoot with him and Marleigh, but Marleigh had just had a new baby brother added to the family so that got put on hold.
When I saw that Chris was engaged, we shifted the session with Marleigh to be an engagement session! That’s when I connected with Emily about their Maymont Park engagement session. Isn’t Chris a lucky man? Emily is such a sweet soul and word is she and Marleigh are BFF’s too.
We walked all around the park for their Maymont Park engagement session and finished the evening with a champagne pop. Chris sported the above face for all of the champagne pop. It was also one of the nicest days Virginia has had this year so far! Can’t wait for their upcoming wedding!

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  1. Cristine Kreplick says:

    No bow in his hair or overflowing juice? lol so happy for him – and you : beautiful work!

  2. Melissa says:

    Congrats!! Thanks for all the laughs with Marleigh. I hope Emily and Chris have a wonderful marriage and a long, happy life together.

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