Chris and Emily’s Virginia Wedding

Chris & Emily’s Virginia wedding was one for the books. They got married on a rooftop in Roanoke, Virginia. The mountains of Charlottesville, Virginia is usually where you find me for weddings, so it was fun getting experience mountains in a different light! The rooftop made for some amazing views.

Lets back track a bit. I met Chris because of his “The Yeet Baby” Tiktok account. If you haven’t heard of them, they are an uncle and niece duo who take on adventurous pours, baby shark, dance moves, rubber chickens, and best of all, Marleigh (Chris’ niece) yelling “Yeet!” on command! When I found out they lived in Richmond, Virginia, I reached out to Chris to see if he was interested in doing a “tea time” photoshoot with Marleigh. He was in, but, Chris’ sister was due with Baby Jack (who has since made his tiktok debut). The shoot got put on hold.

Then, Chris proposed to Emily! Emily is the kindest, most fun, loving person. And, not only that, she’s absolutely stunning. Seriously, Chris, you are insanely lucky. I offered to do an engagement session instead of tea time shoot and they took me up on it! We met up in Richmond to do their Maymont Park Engagement Session (click here to see the photos)! We had so much fun that they hired me for their Roanoke, Virginia wedding!

Their wedding day was absolutely beautiful and full of such special moments. Marleigh was the flower girl and did a great job smiling down the aisle. Then, Emily walked down a staircase to her dad waiting at the bottom to walk her down the aisle. Their ceremony was beautiful, but the portraits and reception afterward were definitely the highlight.

They spent the night surrounded by the most fun people. Both Emily & Chris’ families are insanely kind, caring, and welcoming people. It’s no wonder Chris and Emily are just the best. Chris & Emily danced to Lady Gaga’s “Always remember us this way.” There wasn’t a dry eye in the house. Then Chris danced with his mom and Emily danced with her dad. Again, tissues for everyone.

The rest of the night was spent dancing and having the best time with their friends and family. It couldn’t have been a better day.

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